Freelancers vs. Offshore staffing to launch your online business

Freelancers vs. Offshore staffing to launch your online business

Any web entrepreneur with a full time day job knows the pros and cons with working with freelancers. A key benefit with working with a freelancer is cost & expertise.

You eliminate the middle man and work directly with one person to complete a project. The negative thing about working with freelancers is growth. You are limited by the availability of the freelancer. You have to work around their hours and their priority list. Great freelancers will always prioritize the top bidder and that puts you in a tough spot.

Globalization has changed the playing field. Yes, it’s easy finding cheap and great talent on sites like Freelancer.com, Odesk, & Elance. But do you really want to work with someone who can drop your project for the next highest bidder?

Offshore staff leasing is a more efficient & reliable method to get your online business running. Key Discovery can help you build the perfect web team to develop, manage and grow your online business the right way. Key Discovery is an offshore staff leasing company based in Manila, Philippines & has a large pool of talented web developers, project managers & designers that are experts in the online space. Key Discovery allows you to take advantage of the huge savings in labor cost from the Philippines.

The Key Discovery pricing model for staff leasing is pretty simple. You pay one monthly fee for a dedicated resource working on your online business. Many successful companies today are using the staff leasing model to run their online business remotely. The client controls the direction of the business and the local Philippine team executes the tasks. It’s just like having your own satellite office in the Philippines.

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