How Good UI/UX Design Can Help Small Businesses

How Good UI/UX Design Can Help Small Businesses

As technology evolves to the point where consumers can order products with a tap on the screen, having a good UI and UX design becomes vital for any business. “The fact that our fingers are touching screens, and the ability for us to truly and naturally understand what’s going on, has made user experience the most important aspect of any company,” says Don Charlton, the founder of Jazz – an online recruitment software.

Charlton also adds that any business, especially software companies can prosper with the right design. “You can get pretty far in business with the facade of good design,” said Charlton in a video for INC.com, in which he recalls how his young, 3-person company appeared bigger to people because of their design. In today’s market, design, especially UI/UX design is no longer just a cosmetic touch since it also serves a functional purpose.

UI or user interface is the aesthetics of a product while UX or user experience is the tasks and processes involved in a product. Assistant Editor of Business News Daily Nicole Taylor says that UI/UX design will either attract or turn off customers since a person’s eyes will just take 2.6 seconds before forming an opinion. For well-known brands, this short moment may not be that important, but for smaller companies, this little window of time is crucial.

For small to medium enterprises, investing on professional designers for UI and UX may seem costly, but having a well-designed website or application has its benefits. These includes:

  1. Improves Trust

Adriana Marin, a graphic designer for a stock photo company Shutterstock says that people will base their feelings about your company with their experiences. She adds that having a clean and functional design will show confidence and will make you look more professional and trustworthy.

  1. Makes You Attractive

Having a beautifully designed website helps to grab your potential customer’s attention. As we’ve mentioned earlier, customers only have 2.6 seconds before they can form an opinion about what they are seeing, so you need to make your UI/UX design convincing. Conduct research about your target audience and have your website, e-store or application optimized to catch the eyes of buyers.

  1. Increases Conversions

Start-ups and small businesses can take advantage of great UI and UX design to increase conversion. Making a great first impression makes conversion easier, and an intuitive e-commerce site will help convince buyers into making a purchase.

  1. Makes You Stand Out

With so many companies drowning customers with information, having a beautifully designed website and e-store certainly helps in making you to stand out from the competition. A combination of smooth user experience and handsome layout can make a small company be more popular over bigger brands.

Need graphic design help? Send us an email or give us a call at 1-855-539-6256

Need graphic design help? Send us an <a href='mailto:info@keydiscovery.net'>email</a> or give us a call at 1-855-539-6256

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