Philippines Tops Global English’s Survey for BEI

Philippines Tops Global English’s Survey for BEI

The Philippines grabs the top spot on the Business English index by GlobalEnglish Corporation (now known as Pearson English Business Solutions) for the second consecutive year. The index is based on a survey conducted worldwide tapping over 137,000 respondents.

BEI 2013 | Key Discovery

Image Credit: Pearson


Specifically, the Business English Index measures four components:

  1. Knowledge of the English Language (Grammar)
  2. Application of the language in different forms of media (communication)
  3. Use of communication skills in different contexts (presentation skills, business discussions, conference, sales meetings, etc.)
  4. Understanding and use of nuance and complexity in business situations

Out of the 70+ countries included in the study, the Philippines received the highest BEI rating at 7.95 putting Filipinos at the intermediate level in English competency.

BEI Scale | Key Discovery

Image Credit: Pearson


This means that Filipinos’ proficiency in Business English allows them to take active roles in business discussions and that they are capable of performing relatively complex tasks. The Philippines is actually the third largest English speaking country in the world. It also uses English in its business and legal transactions as well as in its education system.


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And speaking of education, the country has recently revamped its education system implementing the so-called K to 12 Basic Education program that specifies a 12-year program for basic education in order to provide sufficient time for mastery of skills to better prepare students for tertiary education. This improvement could further improve the country’s BEI rating in the coming years.

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